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SERVICES: Continuous Emission Monitoring

CEMS Certification and Auditing

The Avogadro Group, LLC operates several mobile laboratories that utilize dual gas manifold systems for ultimate flexibility.  Our Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEM) and data acquisition systems provide on-site, real-time analysis for gaseous source emissions.  Although we specialize in low-concentration measurements, we perform dozens of RATAs and certification tests each year on solid fuel combustion units and other process sources.  Our capabilities far surpass standard 40 CFR, Parts 60 and 75 tests.  They include the following:

•    On-site results, and quick report turnaround
•    Test multiple units at the same time
•    O2, CO2, CO, NOX, SO2, PM, NH3, mercury (Hg), flow rate
•    Relative accuracy test audits (RATA)
•    Relative accuracy audits (RAA)
•    Cylinder gas audits (CGA)
•    Field accuracy audits(FAT)
•    Predictive emissions monitoring systems (PEMS)
•    Alternative monitoring systems (AMS)
•    Quality assurance and monitoring plans
•    CEMS problem diagnostics
•    Temporary CEMS