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SERVICES: Air Toxics Testing

Air Toxic Contaminants / Hazardous Air Pollutants

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required many combustion and process sources to monitor the emissions of air toxics since the passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act, Title III Maximum Achievable Control Technology standard (MACT).  To this day, Avogadro continues to conduct numerous “Toxics” emissions test programs.  Since California regulates Toxics “Hot Spots” on Title V sources throughout the state (California Assembly Bill 2588), these tests have become a staple for Avogadro.  As such, Avogadro has perfected the test methods to achieve some of the lowest detection limits in the industry, while still maintaining outstanding blank levels.

To help you comply with these standards, we offer several air toxics test services.  These include:

•    "Toxics" testing specialists (AB2588, ICR, MACT, NESHAPS, etc.)
•    Toxics assessment inventory services
•    Ultra-low detection limits and field blank values
•    HAPS characterization and quantification
•    Simultaneous test method performance
•    CAMR EPA Method 30B RATAs
•    Trial burn testing projects and BIF testing
•    All EPA and CARB test methods
•    On-site GC/MS and FTIR
•    Test method development, evaluation and validation