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The following case studies illustrate the Avogadro methods and expertise. Read this for more on our services.

12-07-09 Gas Turbines - Low-level PM Emissions Gas Turbine Manufacturer
10-31-09 Waste to Energy - Multiple Plant Mobilizations Waste to Energy Operator
04-07-09 Comparison of Four PM2.5 Test Methods Research Facility
03-17-09 Coal-fired Power Plant Emissions and RATA Utility and Independent Power Producers
02-01-09 Wood-fired Power Plant - Emissions from Different Fuels Independent Power Producer
01-24-09 Biomass Power Plant Emission Tests Independent Power Producers
12-27-08 Metals Casting Emissions - Public Outcry and Right to Know Metals Casting Facility
05-07-08 Gas Turbine PM Emission Test Method Comparison Turbine Manufacturer
05-27-05 Overseas low-concentration PM and PM10 Emissions Study Gas Turbine Manufacturer