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What Clients Are Saying About Avogadro

We at The Avogadro Group take great pride in providing the highest quality source testing service.  Client satisfaction is very important to Avogadro and we make every effort to exceed our clients expectations.  On a scale of 1.0 to 5.0, with 5.0 representing the highest quality, Avogadro's feedback rating was 4.7 in 2009.  Below you will find some of Avogadro's feedback provided by several of our clients during this past year.   All of our clients have had several positive comments regarding our services and Avogadro uses these comments to improve and maintain our high quality of service.  Please continue reading to see what clients are saying about Avogadro.

“It was a pleasure working with the Avogadro team on this project.  I was also inpressed by the quick delivery of the test results, both electronic and bound hard copies.  This is particularly appreciated in this case since we were up against a deadline with the Air District.” – 2012

“The Project Manager was extremely helpful and very professional with the local regulator who was present.  He added value to the experience with his confidence and ease.” – 2012

“The Project Manager was very professional and his crew did an excellent job in performing and completing all testing in a safe and timely manner. I would recommend Avogadro’s series in the future.” – 2011

“The Project Manager was greatly appreciated for training the California Air Resource Board and California Energy Commission staff on PM test methods.” – 2011

“The Avogadro team has been very professional and willing to go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction! This professionalism, honest and just simply being great people to work with is why I will continue to only use Avogadro Group for all our source testing needs. Thank You!!” – 2011

 “The Project Manager was great to work with.  My experience with all Avogadro staff to date has been great.” – 2011

“We greatly appreciate the excellent and reliable service! Avogadro is our go to team.” – 2011

“The Avogadro team are ‘top notch’ professionals.  They are a definite asset to our continuing compliance program. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with The Avogadro Group.” – 2011

 “This was a difficult project with complicated requirements and a tight deadline.  I was ableto rely on The Avogadro Team to keep us in compliance! Thank you!!” – 2011

 “As usual, the Avogadro team is very responsive and extremely flexible to our ever changing source testing needs.” – 2010

“The Project Manager went WAY out of his way to facilitate and coordinate a retest on our abatement equipment. We really appreciate his level of attentiveness in a very difficult situation in which time was of the essence! Thank you!” – 2010

 “The Project Manager was a pleasure to work with.  This was a very complex project and he made the process seem routine.” – 2010

 “I was very impressed with the Avogadro teams schedule flexibility and willingness to ‘do whatever it takes’ to ensure we (the Client) were happy with the testing, especially considering the temperatures (summer in Vegas) and frequent changes we made. Thank you!” – 2010

 “The Project Manager is always great to work with.  He makes my job a lot easier.  He definitely is part of the Team when he’s on site and is very conscientious about safety, operations, and our environmental concerns.” – 2010

"This year, as for many businesses, scheduling has had to change with the economic swings. Avogadro came through for us - The RATA had 3 different dates! Avogadro also jumped all over the EPA reporting rule for us!" - 7/13/2009

"The Avogadro continues to provide excellent testing services in a very professional manner!" - 11/17/2009

"Our facility in Sacramento was a challenging project with all of the failures and re-testing. Avogadro was very flexible and professional in meeting both my and the air district needs." - 8/7/2009

"Avogadro is always easy to work with and makes my job that much easier." - 2/27/2009

"Mr. Stucker you have a great staff at the Avogadro Group. Another great year for the emissions testing. Thank you." - 12/21/2009

"I appreciate the Project Manager's effort to return stack test results very quickly (within a week) on our Lime Kiln Method 5's. This is critical to our success." - 10/30/2009

"The Project Manager has always been easy to work with & knowledgeable. Avogadro has been vital in maintaining our environmental compliance." - 5/14/2009

"This was an interesting research project for us. Data was initially not right, but working with Avogadro we ended with a great final product. Good work and communication by Avogadro." - 2/26/2009

"The agencies all have a high level of trust with Avogadro and that helps us maintain a good relationship with them." - 8/11/2009

"Avogadro has always been professional and very helpful. They have gone beyond the call to help us and get tested and get our reports quickly." - 7/23/2009

"Avogadro was excellent to work with. Look forward to many more years with Avogadro." - 11/17/2009

"I understand why Avogadro was recommended and will do the same myself." - 8/18/2009

"The Project Manager was very personable and conducted the whole project with great satisfaction. this was the second project with the Avogadro Group and we are able to maintain its high regard for the jobs well done! We would highly recommend The Avogadro Group to anyone in need of their services." - 11/25/2009

"Tom, this was the first test of this sort that I have been involved with. The Project Manager was very easy to work with, and did an excellent job of easing any anxiety that I had. I look forward to future projects with The Avogadro Group." - 9/25/2009

"As always it is a pleasure to work with the Project Manager and Avogadro in general. Very professional, knowledgeable, and accomodating." - 4//27/2009

"The Project Manager continues to do excellent work and his communications continue to improve. He has been very responsive to additional requests for information, and this is much appreciated." - 3/2/2009

"Excellent service. The Project Manager knows our system almost as well as we do." - 9/18/2009

"As always, exactly what I needed." - 6/23/2009