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Environmental Data Gathering Specialists

We provide our clients with reliable, timely environmental data gathered and presented with the highest technical and ethical standards and with the least interruption to our client's business goals. We utilize the latest equipment and technology and work with project team members who share in our core values. We provide our employees the respect, personal protection, and compensation that will allow them to grow in their profession; provide superior service to our clients with confidence and safety; and provide for their families needs.

Our motto:
“We partner with our clients to enhance their environmental image and to relieve their burden of concerns about emission compliance in the most timely and cost-effective manner”. We believe in this motto and our three hundred clients can attest to this. Approximately 75% or our revenue comes from clients whose relationships with Avogadro personnel span over twelve years. In the source testing industry, this is the highest compliment and a testament to our commitment to become the most reliable source testing firm in the country.

Avogadro has the capability and capacity to provide any type of source testing program, including those requiring some of the lowest detection limits in the country. Our capabilities include single-digit ppm RATAs (<2 ppm), power plant commissioning, greenhouse gas analysis, toxics programs, general regulatory compliance, on-site gas chromatography and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy analysis (for instantaneous HAPS speciation), total enclosure (TE) design and verification, combustion engineering and research studies, method development, SCR and SNCR balancing, control system efficiency, etc. In short, Avogadro personnel have tested nearly every type of emission source and control system using nearly all of the EPA and CARB test methods. These capabilities allow Avogadro to provide our customers with the highest level of service.

Qualified Personnel:
Our success is based on finding, engaging, developing and retaining the best people. At every level, we seek to work with those who share and embrace our core values, for only in this atmosphere can relationships truly flourish. Our continuous investment in personnel and equipment has helped us create three offices, utilizing over 40 people, thirty field-sampling personnel, nine mobile laboratories and two protable CEMS units. Our personnel include five individuals with over 20 years of source testing experience. In fact, the average amount of direct testing experience for Avogadro project managers is more than 13 years, encompassing over 250 years of combined testing knowledge. This provides Avogadro with a wealth of source-testing expertise and capabilities.

Our vast expertise in air toxics sampling began in 1987 with the California AB2588 - Toxic Hot Spot Assessment Act. With this program, Avogadro routinely conducts dozens of toxics air contaminant tests every year. We have conducted some of the most visible and important toxics studies in the country where regulatory and public scrutiny were at their highest.

Quality Assurance / Quality Control:
Avogadro has instituted a rigorous QA/QC program for all facets air pollution testing including routine equipment maintenance and calibration, QA/QC audits, and tier-level review of spreadsheets, lab reports, technical data interpretation, write-ups, etc. The program ensures that the emissions data reported are as accurate as possible and that the highest quality data are obtained. In addition, Avogadro is currently in process of obtaining accreditation with the ASTM-D7036 standard for testing bodies.

Avogadro has a comprehensive health and safety program that satisfies Federal OSHA requirements. Please see our company safety webpage for details.

Regulatory Updates:
Avogadro provides customers updates on issues that will impact their environmental compliance. We provide regulatory updates on upcoming workshops, association meetings, and new rules and regulations from local, state and federal agencies, based upon your location and source type. This also enables Avogadro to keep our project management staff appraised with the latest information in the industry and source types that they each specialize in.

Internet Access to Reports:
Avogadro’s management program ensures full client involvement in the decision-making process and the continuous monitoring of your project’s status. The client access feature of our web page gives everyone involved, up-to-the-minute access to project documents from any location where there is access to the web. This allows faster downloads and a more secure transfer of information when compared to simple e-mail. Use of the client access feature, for example, will allow those with permission to view and comment on documents well before they are published. Historical documents are also stored on the website for easy access.