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I. Mission Statement

We provide proof of compliance with air regulations in the most timely and cost-effective manner and help our clients:
    1.    Enhance their environmental image,
    2.    Improve their operational efficiencies,
    3.    Relieve their burden of concerns about emission compliance,
    4.    Avoid regulatory penalties.

II. Core Values


We reward initiative. We never discourage entrepreneurial ambition, even if it is not entirely successful. Innovation is how we make our services better, how we add value to our work and how we become a more productive, more valuable resource to our clients.


Our success is based on finding, engaging, developing and retaining the best people. At every level, we seek to work with those who share and embrace our core values, for only in this atmosphere can relationships truly flourish.


We represent our clients and ourselves fairly, openly and honestly. We will never compromise our practices for financial or other gain. Trust and confidence thrive when relationships are based on this commitment.


We work best and most productively when we work synergistically as a team. Through mutual respect and shared responsibility Avogadro works and communicates as a group. In this way we grow as individuals and as a team.