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services: Particulate Matter Testing

Particulate Matter Experts

The Avogadro Group, LLC is established as the industry leaders in particulate matter (PM) measurement.  With most of our testing personnel coming from California where the PM limitations are at the lowest, Avogadro has spent years perfecting the testing and analytical procedures for measuring ultra-low concentrations of PM.  We specialize in diagnosing plume problems and condensable headaches.

Avogadro can use a variety of test methods to customize the project to the sources.  We will interpret the particulate matter regulations to help you maintain and show compliance.  We also perform our own gravimetric laboratory work so turnaround times are minimized.  We offer many emissions testing services:

•    Total particulate matter
•    Filterable, PM2.5, PM10 (front half)
•    Condensable particulate (back half)
•    Particle size distribution and characterization
•    Dilution tunnel tests utilizing EPA CTM-039
•    New EPA test methods (OTM-27 and OTM-28)
•    Current EPA test methods (5, 5a-i, 17, 201A, 202)
•    Local and state methods (CARB 5, ODEQ 5 and 8, SCAQMD 5.2 and 5.3)
•    Visible emissions (opacity and fugitive)
•    Detached plume diagnostics
•    Condensable PM diagnostics
•    Controlled condensation
•    Ambient monitoring
•    5-place balance for ultra-low detection limits