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A Wide Range of Services

The Avogadro Group, LLC specializes in emissions measurement programs and we truly believe that no other source testing company can provide better service, value and lower overall detection limits.  We go way beyond the methods to ensure that our glassware is clean, our sampling containers are sterilized, and our reagents are pure.  In addition, we use only the finest labs in the industry and our testing experience can match any in the industry.

Avogadro currently fields 8 mobile laboratories, 30 highly qualified testing personnel and chemists, and a new state-of-the-art analytical laboratory.  Avogadro’s elite reputation for quality has been established over the years by consistently reporting accurate and precise environmental data.  Most of our new business can be attributed to referrals from our existing clientele, analytical labs, consultants, and even regulatory personnel.  As such, Avogadro’s projects range from simple compliance programs to the largest and most complex research studies, toxics programs and commissioning projects.


•    Regulatory Compliance Testing
•    Air Toxic Contaminants / Hazardous Air Pollutants
•    CEMS – Certification and Auditing
•    Abatement Device Efficiency
•    Particulate Matter Experts
•    Combustion Diagnostics and SCR / SNCR Optimization
•    Greenhouse Gases


•    Fence line Monitoring
•    PSD pre-construction baseline air-quality monitoring
•    Air Permit Application Consultation
•    Priority Pollutants and Air Toxics
•    Met station procurement commissioning / operation