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Equipment:  Manual Methods Testing Equipment

You just can't have too much stuff

The Avogadro Group utilizes massive quantities of glassware, probes, pumps, gas meters, heaters, pressure and temperature transducers, and control equipment in its relentless pursuit of the truth.  This equipment is housed, cleaned, calibrated and staged in our laboratory, shop, and indoor staging areas for your projects.  Staging occurs in the assigned mobile lab area and when all equipment for your job is accounted for it is loaded into the mobile laboratory for transport.  At the test location the equipment is unloaded, roped, pullied or hand carried to the sample location.  At the sample location the equipment is assembled, leak checked and operated according to the prescribed method.

 Probe Sheaths         Probe guts        Glass probe liners       Impingers clean and ready

          cal gas bottles                   Shop